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URL shorteners offer several benefits, including saving space in character-limited platforms, enhancing the aesthetics of shared content, and providing valuable analytics insights. Additionally URL shorteners improve user experience by eliminating lengthy and complex URLs, making shared links more visually appealing and easier to manage.

Analytics insights

URL shorteners provide analytics data, including click-through rates and geographic distribution, enabling users to track link performance.


Users can often customize shortened URLs with branded aliases, increasing brand visibility and recognition and provide valuable analytics data.


Customized shortened URLs with branded aliases can enhance brand visibility and recognition, as well as promote a sense of professionalism.

Our Free Premium Features

Any one can use our premium features free of cost like QR code generate, QR code customization, Instagram bio link page build and many features. Just goto the signup page and create your account using your name and email id.

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URL Shortener Premium Features

Users can create branded or customized short URLs instead of relying on randomly generated strings of characters and Enhanced capabilities for managing and organizing shortened links, such as the ability to categorize, archive, or delete links as needed.

  • Link Management
  • Add Custom Domain
  • Management Dashboard
Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
Customizable QR Codes

Create custom QR Codes with Logo, Color and Design for free, Just enter the data and download the QR-Code as image file. You can make the QR with your own color, logo and shape.

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